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10. 20kV Combined Transformer

The conventional American box is changed into a product-shaped structure, which is divided into two parts, the front and the rear, and the front is the high and low pressure front compartment.

Beauty becomes high pressure

The high-voltage terminals of the ZGS series of Meibian are equipped with high-voltage bushings (single-way or double-way), which are used to connect elbow-type cable plugs or elbow-type fully insulated lightning arresters, and the live parts are sealed in the insulator to form a fully insulated structure. The surface of the terminal is not Live, (ground potential), can ensure personal safety. In an emergency, the cable plug can be plugged and unplugged when the transformer is fully loaded. For this reason, the cable plug can also function as a load switch. The live display or fault indicator can be installed on the cable plug as required. A wall hanging is welded on the high-voltage front bulkhead of the box transformer near the high-voltage bushing to fix the configurable support-type insulating bushing connector. When the cable plug is unplugged, it can be inserted into the support-type bushing connector immediately superior.

Meibian fuses

ZGS series Meibian adopts plug-in fuse and back-up current-limiting fuse for two-stage series protection. The protection principle is advanced, economical and reliable, and the operation is simple and convenient. The plug-in fuse is responsible for a small range of overcurrent interruption (including short-circuit faults on the low-voltage side). In the case of transformer overload and high oil temperature, the fuse is mainly used to protect the combined transformer.

The backup current-limiting fuse is responsible for the breaking of a wide range of fault currents, which mainly occurs in the short-circuit fault on the high-voltage side of the transformer, and is used to quickly cut off the faulty transformer and protect the high-voltage line.

10kV load switch

10kV oil-immersed load-opening relationship three-phase linkage switch, with spring operation function, can complete load opening and closing operations. Load switches are divided into two positions and four positions. Two-position switch is used for terminal type, and four-position load switch is used for ring network type or for dual power supply mode.

U.S. change low pressure interval

There are low-voltage outlet terminals in the low-voltage compartment. Low-voltage main circuit breakers and branch circuit breakers, low-voltage current and voltage measuring meters, and reactive power automatic compensation devices can be installed as required. An axial fan can be installed on the top of the low-voltage compartment according to user requirements. The dedicated temperature control equipment automatically controls the heat dissipation of the fan according to the temperature in the interval. A comprehensive power distribution tester with telemetering and telecommunication functions can be installed according to needs, supplemented by a low-voltage under-voltage controller, which can realize loss-of-voltage and single-phase under-voltage protection functions to avoid damage to transformers and load appliances, and protection functions More complete.

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