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10kW Three-phase String Inverter

10kW three-phase string inverter
Leading features
Maximum efficiency is 99%. The maximum current of a single string is 13A. It perfectly matches the 9/10-channel MPPT design of the bifacial module. It supports more than 150% of the DC side with one-key scan code access to the monitoring platform, supports remote upgrades; supports night SVG function, string Level monitoring, intelligent IV curve scanning; IP66 protection level of the whole machine, strong environmental adaptability; One-key scanning code access, support remote upgrade PID repair, improve module performance (optional); support DC "Y" type connection; support aluminum Line access, save the cost of AC cables, support PLC communication mode, reduce communication cables and construction costs

The new three-phase string inverter is the first choice for industrial and commercial photovoltaics. 9/10 channels of MPPT, reduce the impact of string mismatch; support 13A current input, 1.5 times DC overmatch, high-efficiency control algorithm, maximum efficiency of 99%, greatly improving the revenue of the power station.

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