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110kV Mobile Substation

The 10kV vehicle-mounted mobile substation has the ability to quickly assemble on site and can realize the complete configuration of the substation. It has a wide range of application prospects in the power system and is of extremely important strategic significance.

110kV main transformer protection measurement and control screen, time synchronization remote control screen, monitoring host and communication screen, battery screen, prefabricated cable transfer screen, intelligent system auxiliary screen, integrated AC and DC system screens I and II, a total of 8 screens. The 110kV mobile substation monitoring system is equipped with a set of integrated substation automation system with hierarchical distribution and centralized screen grouping. The IEC61850 communication regulations are used to introduce 1 AC power on-site into the integrated AC and DC screens through cables, and set up mutual input function. Realize the intelligent linkage control of video surveillance, fire alarm, lighting and ventilation systems, and at the same time record the entire process of vibration and noise during vehicle transportation.

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