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12-25kW PLUS Three-phase String Inverter

12-25kW three-phase string inverter
Leading features
Maximum efficiency 98.7% The maximum string current is 16A. Ultra-low starting voltage, ultra-wide voltage range; support anti-backflow function, support RS485, Wi-Fi, GPRS multiple communication methods. One-click scan code access to Rockwell Cloud, supports remote upgrade and settings. Built-in AFCI can prevent 99% of fire risks (optional). Automatic voltage stabilization technology, adaptive to complex power grid. IP66 is compact and lightweight, supports more than 150% DC side over-configuration, supports high-power component access, and is easy to install and maintain.

Rockwell GCI-3P(12-25)K-5G-PLUS three-phase string inverter is a new generation of 5G series models, specially designed for residential photovoltaics and small industrial and commercial applications. Small size, high efficiency, with multiple protection functions, reliable and safe, intelligent and stable, and diverse models. The single string input current is increased to 16A, and the voltage is increased to 1100V. It is fully compatible with various high-efficiency components and double-sided components, and the system design is optimized to increase revenue. The protection level is increased to IP66, and the inverter is more adaptable to the environment. The algorithm is further optimized, the weak grid is strong, and the grid connection is more stable.

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