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160-360kW DC Fast Charger

PC series electric vehicle DC fast chargers are rich in variety, complete functions, and excellent in performance. They are suitable for large-scale electric bus terminals, public, commercial and residential parking lots, airports, highway service areas, electric vehicle charging stations, etc., providing electric vehicles DC fast charging, various electric vehicles.
Wide range of applications

Wide range of applications

Comply with European (CCS) and other international standards, suitable for various car brands and models

CE certification

Tested by authoritative organization and passed TUV CE certification

Optional charging mode

With two connectors, it provides full power output for single connector charging, while providing smart power distribution for dual connector charging


-Intelligent charging process control

Intelligent power distribution, automatic current sharing, intelligent temperature control

Energy efficient

The highest efficiency can reach 96.5%, which can achieve the maximum output of constant power and constant current

Strong reliability

It has multiple protections such as abnormal charging, automatic power off, overcharge protection, fault isolation, etc., efficient heat dissipation, waterproof, dustproof, stable operation in harsh environments such as high temperature, cold, rain, and snow

Cloud platform management

Provide on-demand "Shanghai Securities Cloud" billing management platform, support OCPP, intelligent monitoring, remote maintenance, background or App online upgrade


Compatible with various charging service platforms on demand

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