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20kV 5000kVA Compact Transformer Substation

Product  Features:

•Beautiful appearance, compact structure, small size, flexible disassembly , convenient, fully sealed, high and low voltage components separated were placed in cabinets, equivalent to only similar box-type variable volume1/5 to 1/3.

•Modular transformers has a small, fully enclosed, flexible operation, easy installation and operating costs low, so 10kV (35kV) grid-depth load centers, reduce line losses, and beautify the urban environment. Good performance and reliable stability, delicate appearance, safety and environmental protection. lt can be widely used in all kinds of public places.


European-style box substation is also called outdoor complete substation, box-type substation, box-type transformer, also known as combined substation, because of its flexible combination, easy transportation, migration, convenient installation, short construction period, low operating cost, and small footprint , Pollution-free, maintenance-free and other advantages, have been widely valued. Because it is easy to go deep into the load center, the power supply can reduce the radius of power supply, improve the quality of power supply, reduce power loss, and enhance the reliability of power supply. It is especially suitable for power grid transformation.Rockwell box substation manufacturer, the box substation produced meets the standards of GB17467-1998 "High and Low Voltage Prefabricated Substation" and IEC1330.

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