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20kW-40kW Mobile EV Fast Charger

PC-P1 series mobile electric vehicle fast charging adopts wheel-type design, which is convenient to carry and efficient and reliable. It is widely used in changeable charging places, emergency power sources or places without fixed charging point space, such as 4S shops, automobile factories, tourist attractions, Roadside assistance or electric car delivery.

-Suitable for various PCs, such as electric cars, trucks, buses, etc.

-Strong adaptability, covering multiple voltage and power levels

Modular design, easy to expand and maintain

Higher power density and smaller size

.High-speed CAN communication bus to realize real-time detection and monitoring communication of the module. Comprehensive protection, safer and more reliable

Efficiency and flexibility

-High-current fast charging, the efficiency is as high as 95.5%. Wheel design, easy to move and carry

.Suitable for various PC models

Humanized design

.Modular design, easy to replace, maintain and expand the one-button switch, the operation is simpler

-Friendly man-machine interface with charging data display

Higher reliability

.Reduce energy consumption, sensitive control, safe and reliable. Reduce pollution to the grid

Multiple protection

-Featured fan failure, reverse battery connection and insulation failure protection, etc.-Multiple automatic power-off protection

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