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3150kVA/10kV Epoxy Resin Dry-type Transformer

Transformers manufactured by Rockwill in China. Win the trust of customers with high quality and stability.

Rated capacity: 3150kVA

Rated voltage: 10.5/0.4kV

Tap range: ±1x5%

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Number of phases: 3 phases

Short circuit impedance: 6.57%


♦ New silicon steel sheet iron core manufacturing, improving the mechanical strength of the iron core and reducing noise.

♦ Fireproof, explosion-proof, simple maintenance, small partial discharge, long operating life.

♦ Strong moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant ability, especially suitable for working in harsh environmental conditions, and can be put into operation without drying treatment after shutdown.

♦ The overall mechanical strength of the cast coil is high, and the ability to withstand sudden short circuits is strong.

♦ Small size, light weight, low noise, high operating efficiency, less floor space and simple installation.

♦ According to customer needs, it can be equipped with temperature protection and shell protection devices.

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