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35kV/800kVA All Copper Oil-immersed Transformer

Oil-immersed distribution transformers produced by Rockwill in China. Win the trust of customers with high quality and stability.

Rated capacity: 800 kVA

Tap range: ±2x2.5%

Short circuit impedance: 6.97%

Connection group: Yd11

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Number of phases: 3 phases

Cooling method: ONAN

Device type: outdoor


♦ The product has compact structure, beautiful appearance, low temperature rise and noise, and strong overload capacity.

♦ The tank body adopts a corrugated oil tank fully sealed structure to prevent air and water from contacting the transformer, reduce oil aging, and extend the service life of the transformer; the elastic deformation of the corrugated sheet adjusts the volume change of the transformer oil thermal expansion and contraction.

♦ The product is an outdoor structure with a high level of anti-pollution; there is no need to replace the transformer oil during the normal use period, and it is truly maintenance-free, ensuring the safe operation and reliability of the power grid.

♦ The transformer is equipped with a pressure release safety protection device. When the transformer fails and the pressure is too high, it can be reliably and safely released through the pressure release valve to prevent the expansion of the accident.

♦ Product sealing form: There are two kinds of box edge welding and bolt fastening for users to choose.

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