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35kV Photovoltaic American Box Substation

Also known as the combined American box transformer, the transformer body, high-voltage load switch, fuse and other protective components are immersed in transformer insulating oil, and the overall volume is greatly reduced. Rockwell box transformer manufacturer, the box transformer produced meets the JB/T10217-2000 standard. It is a box transformer product developed by our company that has self-protection function and can meet user requirements. It is equipped with low-voltage side electric energy metering, reactive power compensation, and shunt feeder.


1.Sealed structure, safe and reliable, easy to operate, and maintenance-free

2.The volume is greatly reduced, only about 1/3 of the domestic European-style box change with the same capacity, the structure is more compact, and the installation is convenient and flexible 

3.The high-voltage side adopts double fuse protection, among which the plug-in fuse is a dual sensitive fuse (temperature, current), and the backup fuse is a non-current-limiting fuse.

4.The transformer has a three-phase three-column or three-phase five-column structure, and the iron core adopts a stepped joint process or a rolled iron core process, which has low noise, low loss, and strong short-circuit and overload resistance. 5.American box substation can be used for both ring network and terminal, so the conversion is very convenient.

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