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35kV Prefabricated Cabin Substation

The prefabricated cabin substation is an intensive closed substation that uses advanced, reliable, and environmentally friendly intelligent modular units. It takes information digitization, networking, and standardization as the basic requirements, and automatically completes information collection, measurement, control, protection, measurement and measurement. With basic functions such as detection, compared to conventional substations, it is an environmentally friendly and intelligent substation with less area, short construction period, low cost, no noise, no radiation, and maintenance-free.

The prefabricated cabin-type substation fully adopts the assembly process in civil construction and electrical installation, changing the construction mode of the traditional substation, and constructing the smart substation in two phases: factory production prefabrication and on-site assembly and installation. The “two types and one transformation” proposed by the State Grid Corporation have promoted the construction of prefabricated cabin-type substations. Although prefabricated cabin-type substations in my country have not been widely promoted, they are still in the early stages of development. However, prefabricated cabin-type substations are the inevitable trend of future development. Make a positive contribution to improving the level of power grid construction and promoting the construction of a strong and smart grid.

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