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35kv/8000kva On-load Regulating Power Transformer

Oil-immersed distribution transformers manufactured by Rockwill in China. It wins the trust of customers with high quality and stability.

Rated capacity: 8000kVA

Rated voltage: 35±3x2.5%/10.5kV

Rated current: 131.97/439.9A

Frequency: 50Hz

Number of phases: 3 phases

Short circuit impedance: 7.93%

Connection group label: YNd11

Cooling method: ONAN

Device type: outdoor


♦ The iron core is made of cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheet, 45° full oblique seam, no mesoporous and epoxy tape binding structure, the surface of the iron core is coated with iron core protective paint, which reduces the loss and noise;

♦ Adopting a new oil channel structure, high heat dissipation efficiency, reducing the temperature rise of the transformer, and prolonging the service life of the transformer;

♦ The tank body adopts a corrugated oil tank fully sealed structure to prevent air and water from contacting the transformer oil, reduce oil aging, extend the service life of the transformer, and adjust the volume change of the transformer oil thermal expansion and contraction through the elastic deformation of the corrugated sheet ;

♦ The transformer is equipped with pressure release safety protection. When the transformer fails and the pressure is too high, it can be reliably and safely released through the pressure release valve to prevent the expansion of the accident.

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