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360/480/720kW DC Split Charging Pile

Safe design

      Adequate safety protection design: voltage over and under voltage protection, current limiting protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, output contactor adhesion, insulation detection, continuous grounding detection, temperature detection, etc., outdoor can meet IP54 protection.




Split charging piles can be configured with different total power charging piles according to the number of 20kw/30kw modules selected to meet the customer's demand for the number of charging guns. The maximum number of guns is 8 guns. At full power, the single gun power defaults to 60kw, which can be increased to 90kw. The matrix charging module call algorithm (power intelligent distribution on demand) and its matching structure design are adopted. It can also be equipped with a liquid-cooled charging gun according to customization, and the maximum charging power of a single gun can reach 500kw.       The terminal box can be charged by swiping card and scanning code, and real-time display of charged amount, charging time, current electricity price, charging price and other information and operating status on the self-operated platform.

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