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42/84KW AC Charging Pile

The 42/84KW AC charging pile provides higher power AC three-phase charging, which can provide charging services for electric vehicles that support three-phase AC charging interfaces, while supporting 7KW AC charging.


1. Phase adaptive technology;

2. Intelligent control technology, powerful calculation and control functions make the entire system run more efficiently;

3. The touch screen display, the screen prompt function of the whole charging process, the operation is simple;

4. The key nodes of the charging process have sound and light prompts for easy operation;

5. Charge real-time metering and billing function, supporting local and background billing functions;

6. Real-time display of charged amount, charging time, current electricity price, charging price and other information and operating status through the touch screen;

7. Support dual-mode operation: offline operation mode and network operation mode, among which the network operation mode provides multiple communication interfaces such as Ethernet, WIFI, GPRS (3G/4G), and the networking mode is convenient and flexible, and users can perform according to their needs choose;

8. Improve protection functions, including short circuit, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, temperature, leakage, lightning protection, and gun pull protection, etc.;

9. Pay multiple payment methods, including APP payment, QR code payment, local credit card payment, etc.;

10. Follow national and related industry standards.

(Note: The specific functions and characteristics can be customized according to the special needs of users)


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