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60kVA European Box-type Substation

European style box-type old garment substation, box-type substation, box-type equipment, has the advantages of light assembly, convenient transportation, convenient transportation, short installation and construction period, low operating cost, small utilization, no pollution, and maintenance-free. It is also called Combined substations are suitable for residential communities, commercial centers, schools, hydropower stations, urban and rural small and medium-sized substations (distribution), factories and mines, and substations for mobile operations.

The European type box substation can automatically complete the functions of electric energy conversion, distribution, transmission, measurement, compensation, system control, protection and communication, and the protection system adopts the substation microcomputer integrated automation device, which can set the operating parameters remotely. The humidity and temperature in the body are controlled to meet unattended requirements.

European-style box substation components are installed and debugged qualified in the factory once, which truly realizes the factoryization of substation construction and shortens the design and manufacturing cycle.

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