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630kVA Three-phase Power Transformer

9 levels of voltage regulation to meet the needs of scene applications; low loss, low noise, good energy-saving effect; good anti-cracking performance, strong overload capacity, suitable for various environments and harsh conditions; high temperature resistance, long service life long.

9 levels of voltage division output:

1st gear: 1kV

2nd gear: 2kV

3 gears: 3.2kV

4th gear: 4kV

5th gear: 5.4kV

6th gear: 6kV

7th gear: 7.6kV

8 files: 9.8kV

9 gears: 12kV

Rated capacity: 630 kVA

Rated voltage: 9.8/0.4 kV

Rated current: 37.1/909.3 A

Short circuit impedance: 5.5%

Connection group label: YNd11

Rated frequency: 50 Hz

Number of phases: 3

Cooling method: ANAF

Conditions of use: indoor

Standard code: GB1094.11-2007, GB/T10228-2015

Product code: LNY.710.399.JD

Factory serial number: 20053

Insulation level: LI75AC35/AC3

Insulation class: Class F

Temperature rise limit: 100 K

Total weight: 2100 kg

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