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7-8kW Single-phase Series String Inverter

7-8kW single-phase series string inverter
Leading features
Maximum efficiency exceeds 98.1%. Lightweight design, simple installation of DC reverse connection alarm, fanless design, pure silent operation, support 12.5A current input, 130% DC side over-equipped with optional AFCI DC arc fault protection, to ensure the safety of power stations, smart grid adaptive, rich Experience in poverty alleviation power stations, supporting normal power generation under weak grid conditions

Rockwell's new 5G single-phase string inverter has greatly improved the efficiency, supports 1.1 times AC overload, increases power generation, and recovers investment returns faster. It is suitable for the installation projects of single-phase input photovoltaic system of different residential types; the design is light and easy to install, the mute effect is good, and it has a good user experience. It supports multiple communication methods such as RS485, WIFI, GPRS, Ethernet, etc., real-time monitoring and full control of information.

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