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9-10kW Single-phase Series String Inverter

9-10kW single-phase series string inverter
Leading features
Maximum efficiency 98.1%. Fanless design, pure silent work, ultra-thin design, single four-layer board design, greatly reducing hidden dangers caused by connectors. Three-way MPPT design, suitable for complex roofing applications. AFCI DC arc fault protection is optional to ensure power station safety Smart grid self-adaptation, rich experience in poverty alleviation power stations, supporting normal power generation under weak grid

Rockwell 4G single-phase high-power string inverter, three-way MPPT design brings more power generation to users, exquisite size, light weight, simple installation, convenient transportation, optional AFCI device can avoid 99% of fires Rate, protect your electricity safety to a greater extent, and a variety of monitoring methods are available.

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