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AC & DC Three-in-one Charger

The electric vehicle AC and DC three-in-one chargers are developed according to the international standards IEC61851 and lEC62196. The charger is equipped with three connectors (ACx1, DCx2), providing users with a variety of charging options, suitable for public, commercial and residential parking lots, airports, bus terminals, highway service areas, etc.

AC and DC integration

Can provide AC 44kW and DC 50kW fast charging at the same time

Wide range of applications

Conforms to European and Japanese standards

:50~500V wide output voltage range, suitable for various vehicles

CE certification

Tested by authoritative institutions, CE certification

higher efficiency

Higher DC charging efficiency, designed to continuously provide full output power

Intelligent management

.Support OCPP, realize intelligent monitoring through background system and mobile APP, support remote maintenance and online upgrade

user friendly

Multi-language intelligent touch screen man-machine interface, independent operation interface on AC and DC side, support multiple payment methods such as credit card fast pass

Easy to maintain

Modular design, easy to expand and maintain

Higher reliability

-Multiple protections, including automatic power-off, overcharge protection and fault isolation, etc.

-Efficient heat dissipation, waterproof and dustproof, stable operation in harsh environments such as high temperature, high cold, rain and snow.

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