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Charging Solution for Public Fast Charging Stations

An Introduction

It is suitable for high-power charging annual models such as surrounding enterprise shuttle buses, tourist shuttle buses and logistics cities, which require high-power charging stations to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles.

Scope of application

1. City bus

2. Government enterprise shuttle bus

3. Annual models of high-power charging such as tourist shuttle buses and logistics vehicles


1. Constant current and constant voltage-real-time automatic adjustment according to the charging power of the vehicle, faster and safer to achieve zero reactive power loss charging efficiency.

2. Provide sufficient technical personnel, tools and spare parts for quick after-sales response and ensure that the contact information provided is unblocked.

3. Leading national standard-charging efficiency is higher than national standard requirements (power factor and power loss rate are better than industry standards) and relevant type test reports are available.

4. Safety alarms. Complete protection and alarm functions, including input over/under voltage, output over voltage, over temperature, current limit, power limit, etc.

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