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Combined Transformer for Photovoltaic Power Generation

The switching operation is convenient and flexible, the protection is complete, and the high-voltage full-range fuse protection. The box body is treated with special craftsmanship and special materials. It has good anti-corrosion ability, can effectively prevent the erosion of wind and sand, and play a protective role of fuse.

Combined transformer part

The transformer body is closely matched with the fuel tank and has a fixing device. The high-voltage indoor door is equipped with an electromagnetic lock and a charged display. When the high-voltage side is electrified, the high-voltage room door cannot be opened, and the outer door of the box transformer is equipped with a mechanical lock. The high-pressure porcelain bottle and load switch are installed separately for easy operation. All the high and low leads adopt soft connections. The tap leads and the no-load tap changer are cold-welded and fastened with bolts. All connections (including coils and backup fuses, plug-in fuses, load switches, etc.) are used Cold pressure welding, the fastening part is equipped with self-locking and anti-loosening measures. The transformer can withstand the vibration and bumps of long-distance power transmission. After sending it to the user's installation site, there is no need to carry out the conventional lifting core inspection.

●10KV class combination change

The high-voltage backup current-limiting protection fuse is used in series with the plug-in overload protection fuse to provide full range protection for the transformer. The high-voltage current-limiting protection fuse is used as short-circuit protection of the transformer, and the plug-in overload protection fuse is used as the protection of the overload and small fault short-circuit current of American power transformers and other power equipment.

●35KV class combination change

A new type of high-voltage current-limiting fuse for full-range protection is used. It can reliably break any fault current between the current that causes the melt to melt and the rated breaking current. It uses a current-limiting fuse with higher The breaking capacity, rather than the current-limiting fuse, has better low-current protection characteristics. Combining the different characteristics of the two types of fuses, the combination is a whole to obtain good characteristics of full range breaking.

Use environmental conditions

●The altitude does not exceed 2000m;

●Ambient temperature range: -40C~ +45C;

●Outdoor wind speed does not exceed 30m/s;

●Relative humidity: the daily average value is not more than 95%, and the monthly average value is not more than 90%;

●Installation location: Install in a place where there is no fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration. ●The waveform of the power supply voltage is approximately sine wave, and the three-phase power supply voltage is approximately symmetrical;

※Beyond the above normal use environmental conditions, the user can negotiate with the factory to solve.

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