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Dynamic Allocation Unit Flexible Charger

PC dynamic allocation unit(DAU) flexible charger is designed based on power distribution units. Any charging guncan call any charging module. The product features flexible system configuration and flexible power distribution. It isespecially suitable for scenes with diversified charging needs, like airports and bus depots, etc.

Multiple charging terminals

Equipped with multiple charging terminals, which can provide DC fast charging for multiple vehicles at the sametime

Intelligent power distribution

Dynamic switching of charging modules and any charging gun connected to any module is enabled, to meet thecharging needs of different powers and maximize the efficiency of the charger

Various charging modes

Optional charging modes for users, such as average distribution and priority allocation of charging modules, etc.

Modular design

Pluggable power distribution module for fast operation, maintenance and troubleshooting

Higher reliability

Multiple protections like auto power off on abnormal charging, overcharge protection, failure isolation, etc. Thefailure of any single terminal does not affect the normal operation of the others

Smart management

Cloud platform management, mobile App itelligent monitoring, real-time data collection

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