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Electric Heavy Truck Fast Charger

The charger is designed for quick and reliable charging of electric heavy-duty trucks. With an ll-in-one outdoorenclosure, it's composed of 75kW high-power charging modules with independent air ducts, electrical control systems, charging terminals and heat dissipation system,etc. The output current of two guns is up to 500A, which issuited for fast charging of electric tractors, trucks, and dump trucks, etc.

- 75kW charging module independent with independent air duct, sensitive devices are unventilated, strongenvironmental adaptability

. Fewer charging modules for reduced complexity and higher reliability

- Suited for mines, construction sites, ports, logistics and other areas, industries or large load centers that requirehigh-power fast charging

- Multiple application solutions, like separate or integrated type

- ll-in-one design, small footprint, easy to install and maintain

- Less harmonic, stable and durable, safe and reliable

- Optional charging power and strong adaptability makes it perfect for the charging of large vehicles

- Supports "cloud platform" management and mobile APP, can offer big data monitoring

High power

250A full current per gun can be ensured within the range of 200 to 750VDC

Modular design

The whole cabinet is composed of high-power charging modules in parallel, easy to install and maintain

Strong adaptability

-200 to 750VDC wide-range output on the DC side, meeting fast charging for different voltage levels;-Compliant with Chinese and EU standard vehicles

Robust design

Equipped with low-temperature touch screen and charging gun, which can be used under severe environmentalconditions of -25 to 50'C

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