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Electric Motorcycle

MIKU super
It's a player and even an expert
A new generation of automotive-grade lithium batteries
Young man's The first straddle electric motorcycle
Suspended shape concept
Automotive grade lithium battery 5 years warranty
Dual core dual power system
Intelligent control system
2h smart fast charge

Suspended appearance

Pay tribute to the suspension technology, make riding a little bit different; upgrade and optimize the classic suspension, constantly surpass and innovate;

Floating instrument

Large integrated full LCD instrument, rich dynamic information display

It is fun to ride, and it's not only the way forward, but also the distance at a glance.

The dazzling round LED driving lights make the light dynamics so different, piercing the light of the night sky, and unobstructed prospects all the way, the enterprising spirit is self-evident.

Adopting light sensor control, the light intensity is 20000cd, which is 1 times higher than the market model

Cool taillights

The streamer crystal LED taillights are super cool and super dazzling; Ambilight is not only the neon of the city, but also the back of you whizzing away, making the brake warning more eye-catching and effectively improving the safety of driving.

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