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Electric Vehicle AC Charger

Electric vehicle AC chargers are available in wall-mounted and floor-mounted types with power range from 7kWto 80kW. The charger is reliable, flexible, fast and easy to operate, fully tested by authorities, suitable for public,commercial and residential parking lots, workplaces, airports and highway service areas, etc.


Interface display

Color LCD touch screen user interface, display working status, charging progress, IC card balance and other information


Comply with the relevant regulations of AC electric energy measurement


Support RFID, IC card and other card swiping methods, with billing and control

Multiple payment methods

Support third-party payment platforms, bus cards, mobile payment, etc.

Data management

Protect and manage data integrity and security, allowing data query and copy

Remote monitoring

It can communicate with the superior control and management system, and supports Ethernet, 4G, etc.

Security and protection

With self-inspection and fault alarm, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, leakage, lightning protection, emergency stop, unplug and power off, abnormal charging and automatic power off, full automatic shutdown, etc.

Set appointment

It can be set to charge according to the amount of charge, power, time, etc., or automatically charge

Product advantages

International standard

Comply with European standards, CE certification, support OCPP

Intelligent operation

.You can search, navigate, inquire, and book through the mobile App, and support multiple payment methods-the advanced SSE cloud management platform with intelligent monitoring

Strong stability

High degree of protection, can withstand harsh environments

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