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Energy Storage Grid-connected Inverter

Energy storage grid-connected inverter
Leading features
Uninterruptible power supply, switching within 20ms; 5kW rated off-grid power supply capacity; peak-shaving and valley-filling to improve grid friendliness; multiple working modes, so that the spontaneous self-utilization rate can reach 95%, and the benefit is increased; high charging and discharging efficiency, improving the economic benefit of the system ; Compatible with lead-acid and lithium batteries, which can match economic solutions in different markets; fanless design, long service life; intelligent BMS management function, improve battery reliability; use high-frequency isolation technology to make the system safer and longer life; 24-hour smart energy management, real-time control of the status of the photovoltaic power station; one-key remote control and upgrade functions, making digital power station maintenance at your fingertips.

Energy storage inverter, a high-quality choice for off-grid and integrated storage solutions

1. Higher income: real-time selection of electricity usage methods according to market electricity prices;

2. High independence: can run off the grid;

3. Higher efficiency: components of international leading brands provide higher efficiency;

4. Perfect handover: the off-grid handover time is less than 20ms

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