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Explosion-proof Mobile Substation for Mine

It has an intelligent comprehensive protection system, humanized interaction mode, convenient installation and use conditions, and has a wide range of applications in mine mining.

Advanced multi-core high-speed processing system; Efficient integration, the system is composed of shift control terminal YB-CPU14, color display terminal YB-HMI07, shift digital signal processing center YB-DSP, directly collect sensor information, intelligent identification, and avoid misoperation.

All faults are driven by the signal line to drive the high-voltage side vacuum circuit breaker to disconnect the high-voltage side power supply, reduce the breaking current, overcome the frequent breaking problem of the low-voltage feed switch, and overcome the dead zone of the transformer's low-voltage winding to the low-voltage feed switch loop. Problem, avoiding major accidents that burn out the transformer windings due to faults. The protection function is complete, with overload, short circuit, leakage, insulation lockout, overvoltage, undervoltage and other protections. Passive nodes or platinum resistances measure the temperature of the main transformer in real time and break the main circuit.

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