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​How to choose a right distribution step voltage regulator?

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That can adjust the voltage to the load is a distribution step voltage regulator. The non-adjustable grid distribution voltage and the smooth regulated load voltage within a certain range are all transformed by it.


What is the performance of distribution step voltage regulator?

What are the types of distribution step voltage regulator?

How to choose a right distribution step voltage regulator?


What is the performance of distribution step voltage regulator?

Distribution step voltage regulator of the electromechanical industry is used for voltage regulation, temperature control, speed regulation, dimming, and power control. The coil is the main component of the distribution step voltage regulator.

It uses mechanical automatic winding and is even between turns. Due to each straight and parallel wire, the contact surface is flat. Mechanical grinding makes the contact surface smooth.

Distribution step voltage regulator adopts copper surface welding to reduce contact resistance and temperature rise.

The traditional multi-carbon brush design is adopted to increase the contact surface of the carbon brushes, reducing the current that each carbon brush bears and the temperature.

distribution step voltage regulator

Distribution step voltage regulator uses high-performance carbon brushes to increase conductivity and eliminate sparks. It uses heat-resistant resin materials to impregnate and cure, which is more heat-resistant.

It adopts heat-resistant elastic metal materials, which makes the mechanical pressure stable for a long time and reduces the temperature rise of contact.

The use of high magnetic permeability and oriented straight steel sheet causes small loss.


What are the types of distribution step voltage regulator?

There are five types of distribution step voltage regulator, that are, auto-coupling voltage regulator, isolation voltage regulator, oil-immersed induction voltage regulator, column electric voltage regulator and thyristor voltage regulator.

Distribution step voltage regulators can be implemented by using discrete component circuits. It can be classified into two types, linear voltage regulators and switching voltage regulators.

Linear voltage regulators are the original form of regulators in regulating power supplies. The variable conductivity of the active pass element can regulate the output voltage. They are classified into five categories: positive or negative adjustable regulators, fixed output regulators, tracking and floating regulators.

In a linear voltage regulator, if the active pass element is connected in series with the load, it is known as a series voltage regulator. It can reduce the ripple in the power supply and improve the regulation.


How to choose a right distribution step voltage regulator?

You need to know the input voltage range and the required output voltage of distribution step voltage regulator that you will be working with. Each voltage regulator chip is designed to be used for a specific output voltage.  

Dropout is the minimum buffer between the output and input voltages. Dropout is specified for each voltage regulator chip along with the output voltage.

A linear regulator cannot compensate for power that drops below the output voltage. A distribution step voltage regulator could be beneficial is when spikes in power consumption could cause voltage to drop. Whether using switching regulators or not depends on the type of project, design constraints and budget.

Highly sensitive devices may require a specific distribution step voltage regulator to reduce noise.

For applications that require a fast response time, specialty voltage regulators are available


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