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​How to repair distribution step voltage regulator?

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A distribution step voltage regulator is a device used to change fluctuating voltages on its input to a defined and stable one on its output. It may be mechanical, AC, DC, and electronic. A distribution step voltage regulator generates a fixed output voltage of a preset magnitude that remains constant regardless of changes to its input voltage or load conditions.


What are the faults of distribution step voltage regulator?

How to repair distribution step voltage regulator?

How to maintain distribution step voltage regulator?


What are the faults of distribution step voltage regulator?

The main switch trips. It may be that the load is too large or the distribution step voltage regulator is short-circuited.

The ammeter of distribution step voltage regulator does not display. The load is too small and the current is too low, just adjust it normally.

The voltmeter does not display. Because there is no output voltage.

The distribution step voltage regulator has sparked. This is the bad contact of the carbon brush.

The distribution step voltage regulator cannot adjust the voltage.

The outlet operating pressure reduces. The pressure regulation is too low. The actual flow exceeds the design flow of the pressure regulator. The filter element is blocked.

The closing pressure rises. It may be due to the damage to the primary pressure regulating film, swelling and aging of the valve port pad, and impurities in the valve port.

Distribution step voltage regulator is straight. The pressure regulating spring is over-stressed.

The shut-off valve does not work. The signal hole is blocked.

The cut-off pressure is unstable. The spring setting value is wrong. The tripping mechanism has too much friction.

The shut-off valve cannot be reset because the backpressure is too high.


distribution step voltage regulator

How to repair distribution step voltage regulator?

Check whether the load is too large or not. If so, replace the coil.

If the negative current transformer or ammeter is damaged, replace current transformer and ammeter.

Check whether the main switch is tripped, the voltmeter is burned out, and the distribution step voltage regulator has adjusted the voltage.

Use sandpaper to re-polish the surface to check whether the components of the carbon brush move freely and whether the spring pressure is sufficient.

The motor is generally damaged and needs to be replaced.

Increase the front pressure. Select a suitable distribution step voltage regulator. Clean the filter element.

Replace the primary film, or the swelled valve port pad, as well as clean the valve port.

Replace the harder spring for distribution step voltage regulator.

Clean the signal hole on the valve body, reduce the cut-off pressure or replace the spring.

Reset the setting and clean the dust of the tripping mechanism.


How to maintain distribution step voltage regulator?

Special personnel must be assigned to be responsible for the daily inspection, maintenance, and overhaul of the distribution step voltage regulator. The maintenance personnel should be proficient in the safety operation rules, the working principle and the maintenance methods. The maintenance personnel should have corresponding measurement instruments and maintenance tools.

According to the purification degree, arrange the maintenance cycle. Do regular maintenance of the distribution step voltage regulator and clean the filter. including cleaning impurities, replacing membranes, valve pads and other vulnerable parts. The inlet and outlet valves of the road should be closed. The remaining air should be released before proceeding to the next step. The double-channel distribution step voltage regulator can start the standby branch first.

After the overhaul is completed, perform leak detection on the disassembled and assembled parts first.


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