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How to test outdoor auto recloser?

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Outdoor auto recloser is intelligent switchgear in distribution automation, which can control and protect lines. The goal of the outdoor auto recloser in power lines is to restore the line to service as quickly as possible after a temporary fault in the transmission line.

Outdoor auto recloser

What is the difference between outdoor auto recloser and outdoor auto sectionalizer?

What are the parts of outdoor auto recloser?

How to test outdoor auto recloser?

What is the difference between outdoor auto recloser and outdoor auto sectionalizer?

The outdoor auto recloseris heavy-duty long-life switchgear while the outdoor auto sectionalizer is a coordination subordination light-duty switchgear.

As a simple logic, recloser frequently switches on and off by several times according to programed setting until at a count number. Sectionalizer drives only one operation.

About auto sectionalizer, you have to take notice of "auto", It is actually a manual operation disconnector.

Outdoor auto recloser can detect the fault current, as well as automatically opening and closing the line according to the predetermined sequence. It can be opened and closed many times according to the preset action sequence. The recloser has two kinds of protection, namely, timing limit and inverse time limit.

Sectionalizer is an automatic switching device used to isolate the fault line section in the distribution network. It generally cooperates with the recloser or circuit breaker or fuse. It is connected in series with the load side of the recloser, automatically opening without voltage or current.

What are the parts of outdoor auto recloser?

The outdoor auto recloser is a main protection element in medium voltage distribution lines that provide power restoration automatically and minimize network outage time. It has two main components, the circuit breaker and the control unit, which are housed separately and connected through a control cable. It is usually pole-mounted with the breaker located at the top of the pole to switch the overhead line. The control unit is located at the bottom of the pole that contains the relay controller and batteries. In case of a network fault, the outdoor auto recloser opens and recloses several times, clearing the fault till lockout if it is transient or the fault is permanent. Its operations are programmable in any combination of instantaneous and time-delayed trips, which can be optimized to coordinate with other protection elements in the network.

How to test outdoor auto recloser?

The outdoor auto recloser must perform the open and close functions reliably and according to its programming. Its testing ensures faulty reclosers are detected early before problems appear. Site testing is performed before placing it in service and during the periodic scheduled maintenance.

The most effective and quickest way to check the outdoor auto recloser’s functionality is through primary injection, simulating the high current fault, and verifying the timing of all operations till lockout. If it does not complete its complete sequence, or not in the expected timing, further checking can be required, involving the recloser testing of the whole system.

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