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Intelligent Electric Forklift Charger

The PC smart electric forklift charger adopts an integrated design. It can dynamically adjust the charging according to the parameters set by the DSP software, automatically set the charging process, and realize the intelligent management of electric vehicle charging.

Suitable for all kinds of low-speed electric vehicles, such as electric forklifts, golf carts, sanitation vehicles or sightseeing cars, etc. Double converter design, advanced topology technology, Vienna rectifier, three-level phase-shifted half bridge

Adopt high frequency isolation, integrate multiple charging curves, stepless current limit

Wide input voltage and frequency range, adapt to harsh grid environment

Compatible with lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries

Support cloud platform management and APP, provide big data monitoring

Intelligent charging curve and pulse charging design effectively extend battery life and shorten charging time

Energy efficient

Constant power and constant current maximum output, rated efficiency up to 94%, input PF>0.99, harmonic current <5%


DC40~120V, DC40~200V low-voltage range output, effectively matching all kinds of low-voltage electric vehicles

Higher reliability

Using the most advanced 6th generation DSP control, the system has higher reliability and can be maintained online

Higher intelligence

Intelligent temperature control, independent current sharing, intelligent power distribution and other intelligent control functions

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