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Low-speed PC Charger

Megatron series low-speed PC charger adopts integrated design, widely used in electric motorcycles, electric golfcarts, electric forklifts and other low-speed PCs and AGV tractors. It dynamically adjusts the charging parametersaccording to DSP software settings, the charging process can be automatically set to achieve smart chargingmanagement of PCs.

With ultra-high power density and small size, handle design, easy to carry

Using advanced 6th generation DSP control, the system has higher reliability and can be upgraded online

-High frequency isolation, integrated multiple charging curves, stepless current limit

Intelligent charging, according to the capacity to give the charging curve, make full use of the charging characteristics of the battery, maximize the charging power, and shorten the charging time

-Pulse charging design to ensure that the battery is fully charged in the final stage of charging, effectively extending battery life

Battery reverse connection design; diversified charging information and alarms to ensure high safety and reliability of the battery system

-Removable dust-proof gauze, easy to maintain

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