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Multi-standard DC Fast Charger

PC series electric vehicle fast chargers are designed based on international standards and meet
There are many types of charging ports on the market. The charger is equipped with two connectors, providing CCS2&CHAdeMO, GB/T&CCS2 and GB/T&CHAdeMO combinations, suitable for diversified models


Free combination of charging connectors, in line with CCS2, CHAdeMO or GB/T, suitable for various EV models

Efficient and stable

The efficiency is as high as 96%; AC and DC filtering technology is adopted, anti-interference, and low pollution to the power grid

Intelligent power distribution

Automatic power distribution of the two connectors to maximize the efficiency of the charger

easy to use

High-definition touch screen display, one-key charging or stopping, convenient operation and maintenance

Multiple charging methods

Including constant current charging, constant voltage charging, constant power charging, etc.

Intelligent management

Support OCPP, realize intelligent monitoring through background system and mobile APP; real-time monitoring of power module can be realized

Higher reliability

Adopt advanced DSP control, complete protection function, higher system reliability

Easy to maintain

Modular design, easy to expand and maintain, support remote maintenance and online update

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