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Natural Gas PC Charger

The natural gas PC charger adopts integrated design of outdoor container, powered by natural gas generator setsand charging PCs through AC/DC rectifier modules. It consists of a natural gas generator set, AC/DC rectifier modules, electrical control system, charging terminals, heat dissipation system, fire fighting system, etc.

: Ideal for highway service areas, transportation hubs, gas or gas stations, bus terminal parking lots and other power shortage areas or large load centers.

.Optional applications: split type, al-i-one type, mobile type

: Integrate fuel, power generation, power distribution and charging

Cleaner and more efficient, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Integrated design, small footprint, convenient installation and maintenance

.Low harmonics, stable and durable, safe and reliable

Compatible charger, suitable for all kinds of electric vehicles

-Support SSE cloud platform management and mobile APP, provide big data monitoring

Wide power range

Generator power: 100~600kW

Quiet and flame-proof design

The container is divided into an independent space, with low noise, flame retardant, heat dissipation, and freshness.

Strong compatibility

. DC200~750V output charger, providing fast charging for electric buses and cars;-in line with European and Chinese standards, suitable for all kinds of electric cars


With low temperature touch screen and charging interface, it runs well under -25 to 50'C

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