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Outdoor Single Phase MV Vacuum Circuit Recloser


Outdoor Single Phase MV Vacuum Circuit Recloser

The RCW-1 series single phase automatic circuit reclosers can use on overhead distribution lines as well as distribution substation applications. The RCW-1 series automatic vacuum circuit reclosers integrates the functions of control, protection, measurement, communication, fault detection, on-line monitoring of closing or opening.

With optional classes for rated current range:
For 15kV, with 630A, 20kA Breaking capacity. 800A, 20kA capacity, and 1250A, 20kA.
For 27kV, with 630A, 20kA Breaking capacity. 800A, 16kA capacity, and 1250A, 25kA.
For 38kV, with 800A, 12.5kA,. and 1250A, .20kA only.
With optional classes for installation styles:
Single phase, vacuum recloser.
Three phase, vacuum recloser.
With optional relay protection curves for user choice:
Detail Functions:
+with Instantaneous over current protection, definite time over current protection and over current protection, over current
three-stage current protection, low voltage component block, composite voltage component block or direction component block is available for each section;
+with zero sequence over current protection, E/F, SEF, with directional model for selection;
+with Manual closed accelerating protection, the breaker will trip fast when it’s closed in fault, and it will trip and lockout
close operation;
+with 0 to 4 shots reclosing, “O-T1-CO-T2-CO-T3-CO-T4-CO-Lockout” , reclosing shots setting, time delay setting, each section OC protection sequence coordination;
+with two fast+ two delay curve coordination setting for phase OC protection and EF/SEF protection, 5 model IEC standard curves+ 5 model ANSI/IEEEC curves;
+with cold load protection;
+with hot-line-tag protection;
+with two stage negative sequence over current protection;
+with frequency protection and frequency slip protection;
+with over-voltage protection ;
+with under-voltage protection ;(optional)
+with residual voltage protection ;
+with frequency protection ;
+with relay for additional transformer protection high temperature input; (optional/definable)
+with relay for additional transformer protection heavy gas input ; (optional/definable)
+Event record, Real-time sync, Real time checking,
+Optional functions:
Optional channel for voltage sensor, Remote operating, Double-PT, protection for CT circuit, intelligent phone control/blue booth, GPRS communication, Mobile-phone message/GSM, SCADA system.

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