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Smart Charging Container

PC series chargers are suitable for electric power, electric power, communication, railway, aerospace, finance, field, UPS power supply, industry and industry screens and battery packs.


Centralized control

Allows centralized control and management of all DC chargers, and real-time adjustment of power output according to transformer capacity can be achieved through dynamic load scheduling or setting a fixed load upper limit.

Flexible charging

According to the communication results with multiple BMSs, the output of the charging module is automatically allocated to realize flexible power distribution on demand

Power dispatch

The charging power can be dynamically adjusted through the monitoring system, fast charging during the day, alternating or uniform charging at night, reducing power station investment and increasing the utilization rate of charging facilities

Unattended operation

Automatic charging after plugging in, easy to operate; fault alarm and emergency call, no need for manual inspection

.Through TÜV CE certification, support OCPP1.6;

-Flexible distribution of charging power, higher charging efficiency and higher power load utilization;

Standardized, pre-loaded container design, small footprint, easy to transport and install, saving civil construction

Construction cost and construction time;

Modular integrated design of power transformation and distribution, convenient expansion, flexible configuration and complete functions;

-High-protection outdoor design, efficient heat dissipation, resistance to rain, snow, high temperature or low temperature, stable operation in harsh environments;

-Adopt active power filter and reactive power compensation technology, the power factor is as high as 0.998, and the THD is less than 3%;

: Support cloud platform management and mobile APP intelligent monitoring, realize real-time data collection and unattended;

.Multi-language intelligent man-machine interface, simple operation;

-Completely design 0f environmental control system, fire protection system, grounding system, etc., which is safer and more reliable

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