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VBF Type Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker


RVB-40.5P type outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is a porcelain bushing live tank High voltage vacuum circuit breaker.

RVB-40.5P type outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is a key switching device which is designed for important station and factory using.

RVB-40.5kVP is covering voltage rating from 12kV up to 40.5kV ,Current rating from 630A up to 3150A and max 40kA breaking capacity.

The current rating: 630A,....2500A, short circuit breaking current rating: 25kA,...40kA.

Its perfect design for instead of traditional type like OHB,VBF,3AF,ZW7,ZW30,ZW39,ZW37...etc.

More light, compact, relieable, and friend-enviromental.



ROCKWILL developed RVB-40.5P series of outdoor vacuum circuit breaker using modern processing technology and computer-aided design techniques, combined with the latest generation of spring bodies and the advantages of a permanent institution. Its pursuit of high reliability, easy to maintain design concepts to create a generation of superior product, is the most reliable electric power system the best option.

RVB-40.5P series of switches of the main use Ansoft software and solidwork designed with the overall nice, safe and reliable.

RVB-40.5P Series switches have a variety of styles to choose from:

RVB-40.5P Nordinary outdoor vacuum circuit breakers, spring actuator come standard with mechanical life of 20,000 times.

ROCKWILLall series switches meet the following criteria:

ANSI/IEEE C37.60/IEC 62271-100( GB1984-2003 China standard)

GBT11022-1999 China Standard

IEC 60255-11

IEC 60255-21-1 Class I

IEC 60255-21-2 Class I

IEC 60255-21-3 Class I

IEC 60255-22-1 Class III

IEC 60255-22-2 Class IV

IEC 60255-22-3 Class III

IEC 60255-22-4 Class IV


Standard features
– Designed and type tested as per IEC 62271-100
– Vacuum interruption
– Porcelain clad construction suitable for outdoor substation ensures protection from hazardous conditions
– Long electrical life with proven vacuum interrupters that utilize the excellent arc quenching and insulating properties of ABB vacuum technology
– Suitable for auto-closure duty cycle of O-0.3 sec-CO-3min-CO and CO-15 sec-CO
– Simple and reliable spring mechanism minimizes operating energy and ensures longer mechanical life
– Simple installation – structure mounted with option of extension

– The complete breaker can be shipped as one unit with minimal adjustments to be made on site. As an option the breaker can be shipped in knocked- down kits which can be easily assembled at site

Salient features
– Extruded / forged electrical grade aluminium for low powerloss and increased reliability
– Sealed for life poles
– Silicon encapsulated vacuum interrupter to reduce possibility of internal flash over
– Application of total contact force throughout the service life even at maximum contact erosion without any maintenance
Pole assembly
– Pole assembly consists of three poles and a common duct
– Each pole comprises of a vacuum bottle, current transfer contacts and an insulating pull rod placed in the porcelain housing
– Robust housing for protection against hazardous conditions
– Primary terminal connectors can be provided, such asNEMA 4
– Poles are interconnected with each other as well as to the operating mechanism with a linkage arrangement
– Simple design - minimizes spare parts
Mounting structure
A robust extruded steel angle structure is used for mounting the breaker which can be extended for mounting current transformers depending on customer requirements.

Base cabinet
The base cabinet is made of painted mild steel with an optionfor stainless steel. The cabinet houses a spring operatedmechanism which is mechanically linked to all three poles.
The cabinet also includes the following:
– Anti-condensation heater
– Circuit breaker status indicator
– Mechanical operation counter
– Breaker control switches
– Anti-pumping relay
– AC / DC fuses
– Auxiliary wiring

– Terminal blocks


Operating mechanism

For high operational reliability and minimal maintenance, asimple and robust spring-operated mechanism is used.


– O-C-O operation without recharging
– Closing spring is charged by a motor in less than 15seconds
– Mechanical / electrical anti-pumping
– Provision for manual charging
– Pushbutton provided for manual closing and tripping
– Mechanical ‘ON-OFF’ and ‘SPRING CHARGED’ indication
– Auxiliary switch: 6 NO+ 6 NC
– Additional tripping solenoid (optional)
– In-built spring charging handle
– Extended coil reliability due to continuous rated capacity

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