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Vehicle-mounted Mining Substation

The wire joint can be operated with load current, used as a load switch in an emergency, and has the function of an isolating switch.

Low loss, low noise, strong resistance to short-circuit and overload, dual-fuse full-range protection, perfect high-voltage protection, the new generation of products have the function of preventing phase loss, and the cabinet adopts "three-proof" treatment, which is suitable for various harsh environments. Box-type substation is an economical, reasonable, safe, and scientific power distribution device in today's power distribution system. It is a specific pre-installed and movable power distribution device that integrates high-voltage switches, transformers, and low-voltage switches. In addition to the requirements for internal switches and transformer equipment, the box-type substation is more important than the box-type substation. The choice of material, design, structure and shape are particularly important.

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