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What are the conditions for outdoor auto reclosers?

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Outdoor auto recloser is self-controlled equipment for automatically interrupting and reclosing an alternating-current circuit with a predetermined sequence followed by resetting operation. Outdoor auto recloser includes an assembly of control elements required to detect over-currents and control the recloser operation

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What are the benefits of using outdoor auto recloser?

What are the conditions for outdoor auto reclosers?

What should be paid attention to when using outdoor auto recloser?

What are the benefits of using outdoor auto recloser?

The power protector for outdoor auto recloser can automatically set the upper limit safety value of leakage current. It can also set the limit action value of slow-changing and sudden-changing leakage current manually.

Outdoor auto reclosers can be protected from voltage anomaly, such as phase absence, over-voltage and under-voltage.

Outdoor auto recloser has great energy-saving effect, which effectively plugs leakage current and reduces line loss.

Outdoor auto recloser has high interrupting ability by using advanced technology from abroad.

Outdoor auto recloser has a long service life.

Outdoor auto recloser has a small size and beautiful appearance. The installation position is simplified, as well as the wiring.

The most important thing of outdoor auto recloser is to protect our electricity security.

What are the conditions for outdoor auto recloser?

Generally, outdoor auto reclosers are divided into four states, that are, single-phase recloser, comprehensive recloser, three-phase recloser, and deactivating recloser.

Most lines of 110kV and above adopt three-phase one-time outdoor auto recloser. According to the figures on high-voltage overhead lines of large ground current systems, more than 70% of short-circuit faults are single-phase grounding short circuits, especially for overhead lines above 220kV. If only the faulty phase is disconnected and the single-phase recloser is performed, the two phases that have not been faulted continue during the reclosing cycle, improving the reliability of the power supply and the system.

Single-circuit tie lines with voltages of 220kV and below and lines with weak interconnection between the power sources on both sides adopt three-phase outdoor auto recloser. When a single-phase ground fault occurs, a single-phase recloser method is adopted. When a phase-to-phase short circuit occurs, a three-phase recloser method is adopted.

When single-phase recloser has a better effect on the system or restoring power supply, the comprehensive outdoor auto recloser can be used. The lines with strong interconnection adopt three-phase recloser.

What should be paid attention to when using outdoor auto recloser?

Make sure the battery is ready fully charged before operating outdoor auto recloser controller.

It is not allowed to use emergency opening and closing handles in normal condition.

It is not allowed to repeat press the Open/Close button continuously without intermission. Please contact us in time, frequent operation will burn the controller components.

Do not modify CT rate, PT rate, PTS rate in controller, as well as outdoor auto recloser sequence.

It is not allowed to do manual closing operation if not necessary emergency demand.

Make sure the recloser is at OFF position and controller cannot drive it into close situation.

After closing successfully, continue to pull down 3 times to release the lockout.

Learn more about outdoor auto reclosers can know the conditions for outdoor auto reclosers and the warnings of using outdoor auto reclosers. Wenzhou Rockwill Electric Co., Ltd. is equipped with professional designers and manufacturers. Please contact us quickly.

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