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How to test outdoor auto recloser?
12 November 2021

Outdoor auto recloser is intelligent switchgear in distribution automation, which can control and protect lines. The goal of the outdoor auto recloser in power lines is to restore the line to service as quickly as possible after a temporary fault in the transmission line.

What are the conditions for outdoor auto reclosers?
08 November 2021

Outdoor auto recloser is self-controlled equipment for automatically interrupting and reclosing an alternating-current circuit with a predetermined sequence followed by resetting operation.

What are the requirements of outdoor auto recloser?
06 November 2021

Outdoor auto reclosers for mainline feeders are more readily available. Traditionally, it operates as standalone devices with no electrical or mechanical connection between phases and has lower interrupting ratings.

What are the failures of outdoor auto reclosers?
03 November 2021

An outdoor auto recloser is an automatic, high-voltage electric switch. It shuts off electric power when trouble occurs such as a short circuit. Outdoor auto reclosers range from small auto reclosers for single-phase power lines to larger three-phase auto reclosers in substations.

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