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Oil Immersed Transformer

What Is Oil Immersed Transformer

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Oil-immersed transformer, also called oil filled transformer, is a kind of voltage transformation device utilizing the oil cooling method to reduce the transformer temperature. Oil-type transformers are used in power distribution or electrical substations. Their core and coils are immersed in oil, which cools and insulates. Our products mainly include oil immersed power transformer, oil immersed distribution transformer, oil immersed high voltage transformer, etc.


Features Of Oil Immersed Transformer


The core is manufactured with grain-oriented silicon sheet with low losses, with 45° cut and step-lap assembly in order to reduce noise.


Windings are realized with computerized machine able to guarantee the exact traction of the conductor and obtain uniform and symmetric coils.

LV WINDINGS are manufactured in bands (copper or aluminum) to guarantee an improved resistance to electrodynamic stress in case of short- circuits and with pure cellulose paper isolation. HV WINDINGS are manufactured with enameled wire or plate covered in true cellulose paper.


These are the heavy porcelain type, manufactured in compliance with UNEL standards, and are chosen according to the rated currents and the insulation class of the transformer.


This switch is placed under the cover and maneuvered externally to adjust the output voltage of the transformer.


The tank is manufactured in steel sheet and steel profiles with a corrugated or radiator type cooling system.
Insulating oil shows chemical and electrical characteristics compliant with C.E.I. and I.E.C. standards, dried and de-gassed before filing the transformer.

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