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PV + Energy Storage System in EV Charging Station

Rockwill combines its own product system and takes the charging system design of new-energy electric vehicles as the core, integrating solar energy and energy storage system to provide green power and create a more beautiful living space.

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Operation and Maintenance of Voltage Transformer

1. The normal operation of the voltage transformer(1) The voltage transformer is allowed to run for a long time under the rated capacity, but it can run beyond the maximum capacity under any circumstances.(2) The load of the secondary coil of the voltage transformer is a high-level instrument. The s

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What Is the Harm of Replacing Copper with Aluminum in Transformer

Status and harm of "replacing copper with aluminum" in transformerTransformer "replacing copper with aluminum" refers to the phenomenon that distribution transformer windings use aluminum, aluminum alloy or copper clad aluminum to replace copper material, but it is not truthfully identified in the n

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Operation and Maintenance of Current Transformer

1. Allowable operation mode of current transformer(1) Allowable operating capacity. The current transformer should operate within the rated capacity specified on the nameplate. If the operation exceeds the rated capacity of the nameplate, the accuracy will be reduced, the measurement error will incr

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Causes and Technical Treatment of Transformer Common Faults

1. Causes of common faults of transformer1.1 transformer oil leakageThe main reasons are as follows: a. the process quality of the sealing material is poor, the design and manufacturing process of the sealing structure are relatively rough, and there is no trial assembly of the transformer before le

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Analysis of Causes of Transformer Oil Leakage and Sharing of Solutions

Transformer is one of the key electrical equipment in power distribution station, because oil-immersed transformer has good dielectric strength, strong heat transfer performance and low engineering cost, it can solve the heat dissipation problem of heat pipe in large space of transformer

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