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How to design prefabricated compact substation?

For the most part, prefabricated compact substations are viewed as the most integral part of a power utilities’ electric system, which is comprised of power generation, transmission, and distribution systems. You need prefabricated compact substation to supply low voltage for the office, school, or construction. Electric distribution companies make prefabricated compact substations to supply local areas.

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How does prefabricated compact substation work?

Prefabricated compact substations offer users various advantages, unlike conventional ones. They are prefabricated under controlled assembly points. While companies design standard prefabricated compact substations for all voltage needs, they can also customize their factory-built models to suit customer specifications.

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What is the structure of prefabricated compact substation?

The prefabricated compact substation is a compact enclosure consisting of switchgear, a transformer and switchboard located in three separate compartments which are segregated from each other by means of partitions to ensure personnel safety. Accessibility to operate or maintain the prefabricated compact substation is through lockable doors. Prefabricated compact substation is of high quality and tested as a complete unit.

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How to install prefabricated compact substation?

Prefabricated compact substation is designed in accordance with IEC61330 standards. Prefabricated compact substation contains distribution transformer, medium voltage switchgear, low voltage switchboard, connections and associated equipment in a compact unit. The electrical equipment is cooled by natural ventilation through openings in the substation.

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What is the feature of prefabricated compact substation?

The prefabricated compact substation is one kind of compact complete set of distribution equipment that combines medium voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, energy metering devices and reactive power compensation devices into boxes according to a certain wiring scheme. Prefabricated compact substations are suitable for residential quarters, urban public utilities and construction power supplies.

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PV + Energy Storage System in EV Charging Station

Rockwill combines its own product system and takes the charging system design of new-energy electric vehicles as the core, integrating solar energy and energy storage system to provide green power and create a more beautiful living space.

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